Student Leaders Start Here

About a week ago, we began our Youth Leadership Center summer internship program. On the first day, we had orientation and did a fun activity to learn about our leadership styles, from a book we’re reading, Student Leaders Start Here. The book, along with our leaders, teaches us what kind of leaders we are and how we can grow.

There were 4 general types of leaders. Movers are people whose primary goal is to get a team of people to accomplish a goal. They love to accept challenges, set goals, get people involved, make decisions, take risks, and persevere over difficulties. The next type of leader, a relater, is a person who just wants the team to get along. They love to build relationships, get to know team members, encourage others, be supportive, and they are good listeners. The third type of leader is a thinker, someone who wants the team to develop creative solutions. They specialize in gathering information, analyzing situations, brainstorming new ideas, developing plans, being creative, and getting all of the pieces to work together. The final type of leader is a doer. Doers tend to focus on the task at hand, make checklists, organize things, correct errors, and hit deadlines. Essentially, they like to do things and do them right. We all took a 10 question personality test to see what we were. Here were our results:

The main thing our group learned from this is that we need to focus a lot on relationships. We have a lot of doers, movers, and thinkers, but barely any relaters. While a leader can be good with only one of these characteristics, a great leader portrays a little bit of each characteristics. All through this summer, we are learning to grow so we all have to keep growing to eventually become the leaders of tomorrow.







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