Transforming the heart of the city of Philadelphia, one assignment at a time.

Our ministry has had the distinct privilege of hosting various mission teams for a couple of decades now and we're still amazed by the transformative experiences that ensue. Over the years this ministry has seen short-term ministry assignments evolve into lifetime calls to missions work. We have also witnessed one-day encounters transform into life-time bonds.

What to Expect

During these experiences teams usually have various opportunities to serve the community. In the past, teams have worked with the children in our summer camp program leading chapel, Bible exploration, and planned activities. They have also worked alongside our churches getting hands-on experience with Love in Action Compassion Ministries and service projects while also participating in worship services and fellowship nights. Additionally, visiting teams have worked directly with our NGM youth interns, leading critical Christ-centered dialogues, sharing encouraging words and testimonies, mentoring, praying, leading small group activities, and teaching youth how to serve. Our teams and youth also learn to share ministry training and talents with each other. Finally, teams have had the opportunity to engage and interact with the community through Family Night Ministries by serving and sharing their God-given gifts through games, Compassion Ministries, food service, testimonies, the word of God, and creative arts performances. However, we in no way want to limit your team to the avenues listed above. Please feel free to share your ideas about how your team would like to be involved with us when you submit your online sign-up form.

The length of each team's stay has varied based on team's availabilities. Some groups have visited for a day and some have stayed weeks; however, most stay somewhere between five to seven days. Visiting teams have also varied in size, although, on average most teams are composed of about 12 individuals.